What’s Reverb?

Reverb is a bit of chaos. It’s the effect that occurs when something goes wrong and the sound waves, instead of going in one direction, bounce and come back creating confusion, dirtying a sound that is clean and crystalline at first.

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Reverb was born from the desire to give a name to a group of riders who, somehow naturally, found themselves cycling together. What they share is a certain affinity in interpreting cycling, despite having completely different backgrounds and styles.

We will reveal them a little at a time, as the season progresses. As you may have understood, nothing in Reverb is final and no list is final.

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“From Kansas to Italy”
Reverb’s “season zero” opened with a trip overseas to Kansas. Why?
We went there to see gravel racing with our own eyes and try our hand at the most famous race in the world, the Unbound Gravel.

Reverb Cycling