What’s Reverb?

Reverb is a bit of chaos. It’s the effect that occurs when something goes wrong and the sound waves, instead of going in one direction, bounce and come back creating confusion, dirtying a sound that is clean and crystalline at first.

“So what is this chaos?"

Reverb is embracing chaos – that effect when a clean, distinct sound gets thrown out, bounces off surrounding objects, and comes back dirtier, less defined, uncontrollable.

“As soon as you’re born they make you feel small, by giving you no time instead of it all…”

 -John Lennon, Working Class Hero-

Chaos represents possibility, opportunity, and freedom. It allows for an open-endedness that order, with its definite ending, can never provide. In order, there is no room for growth, only predetermined boxes. We refuse to be tucked neatly away into a box – we choose to define our own rules, with the knowledge that our beliefs and actions may not always be well received by established norms. We cannot wait around for positive change to just happen; time is all we have and we intend to spend it on growth and progress.

We live in a world where things are messy, and the only way to make sense of it is to embrace it and to understand that we are here to give, not to take

We are here to break rules, to do things differently, but for the sake of the good of our community. We know we are on this planet on borrowed time and trying to hoard what little we can gather in search of happiness is a fool’s errand. 

We, as a team collective, are dedicated to providing equal opportunities to both women and men to define success on our own terms. We celebrate the individual and their role in creating a better collective future for everyone on the planet. Each and every one of us pledges to throw our firmly held beliefs out into the world knowing that, like the clean note bouncing off walls in an unpredictable way, these beliefs may be challenged and altered as we grow with the world around us, but we believe in championing for positive change that reaches far beyond the world of cycling. 

We are here to give, not to take, and we will start with our local communities to share what we have. We may not be what you expect, but we are here 100% dedicated to share our collective chaos with you. 

Reverb Cycling