Cookie policy

Information on the use of cookies
The purpose of this policy is to describe the types of cookies
used by the website
A cookie is that a small
text that is stored on the user's device when they visit
a website, and which acts as a "reminder", allowing the site to recognize
the user on subsequent visits. Cookies thus enable the site to
offer users personalized experiences by storing certain
information about them. This policy uses the term "cookies" to both
refer to cookies proper and to similar technologies covered
by law.
The information collected through cookies, although inherently
anonymous, involves data that could potentially allow the
identify users/visitors through association and processing with
unique identifiers and data held by third parties (such as, for example, the numbers
of IP addresses, domain names of computers used by people who
connecting to the website).

This document is an integral and substantial part of the Privacy Policy and
of the information contained therein issued also pursuant to articles
13 and 14 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679. You are therefore invited to read also
of that document.

What cookies are used for
Cookies serve several functions: they allow you to navigate between pages in an
efficiently, remembering the user's preferences and, more generally,
improving your experience; they can also help ensure that the
advertisements shown while browsing are of interest to you and that the
marketing activities carried out are relevant to his preferences.
In the
course of browsing a site, you may receive on your computer
"first" and "third-party" cookies so called having as reference the
party that provides the setting of the cookie. The circumstance that a cookie
is 'first' or 'third-party' is closely related to the website or the
domain that uses that particular cookie. 'First-party' cookies, in
essentially, are cookies set by the same website visited by the user -
that is, the site displayed in the URL window: in our case, cookies
set by this Owner's site. "Third-party" cookies are cookies
that are set by a domain other than the one visited by the user:
i.e., cookies that are set by websites other than this site of the
Owner. If a user visits a website (such as this one) and a third company
sets a cookie through this site, this specific cookie is a cookie
"third-party" cookie.

Types of cookies
a. Technical cookies
Technical cookies allow the performance of
activities necessary for the operation of the site, such as those to
ensure that the content of a page loads quickly and
effective, the distribution of workload among different computers or
to ensure security. Without them, the site would not be able to
function properly.
Included among the "technical" cookies, although
not strictly necessary, the next two categories of b) cookies
functional and c) analytical cookies (only if they meet the requirements listed
under the dedicated point).
b. Functional cookies
Functional cookies allow you to save the
information that changes the way the Web site is displayed or
acts. For example, they are usually set in response to actions
of the user regarding a service request, such as when you set your
privacy preferences, when you log in or fill out forms; they
allow you to store the language selected by the user or the region
geographic preference. If you do not activate these cookies, all or part of these
services will not function as required.
c. Analytical cookies
Analytical cookies allow us to count visits
and traffic sources in order to measure and improve the performance
of our site. For example, they identify the most viewed content and the
most common operations among users.
Analytical cookies are
equated with functional cookies only if:
They are used only to produce aggregate statistics and in
relation to a single site or mobile application;
It is masked for third-party ones, at least the fourth component
of the IP address;
Third parties refrain from combining such cookies with other
processing (customer files or statistics of visits to other sites, e.g.
example) or from transmitting them to third parties.
Otherwise, analytical cookies are equated with cookies of
profiling and therefore require consent.

d. Profiling and advertising cookies
Profiling (or
promotional) are discretionary and are aimed at creating profiles related
the user and are used for the purpose of sending advertising messages in
line with the preferences expressed by the same as part of the
web browsing. This type of cookie is subject to the prior consent
of the user.
Consent for cookies
For the installation of profiling cookies and analytical cookies that
process data not in anonymous or aggregate form, it is necessary to acquire the
user's consent. For this reason, when accessing the site, the following is proposed
a banner aimed at informing the user and allowing them to give their
informed consent to receive such cookies. The user, by interacting with the
banner, will be able to access a dashboard through which they can express their
own specific consent to the installation of each category of cookies.
consent to the use of cookies can be revoked at any time, in the
same manner as its attribution, although revocation may have an
impact on the functionality of the website.
The user can set the
browser to be alerted to the presence of cookies, allowing the user to
decide whether to accept cookies or not. It is also possible to reject
all cookies automatically by activating the appropriate option in the browser.
browser highlights instructions for this purpose.

For information on how to change your cookie settings, select here
under the browser you are using:

Android: Chrome and other browsers
Safari on macos
Safari on iOs
Internet Explorer
There are also several solutions, including extensions for browsers and
specific programs, which allow greater control and blocking of cookies
installed by various Internet sites and services.

What cookies we use
To learn more about the individual anonymized functional and analytical cookies
we use and how to recognize them, please refer to the list

cookie_notice_accepted - Records the user's consent preferences, on
our site therefore regarding the display of third-party cookies
statistics; it is deleted/rescribed upon clicking "Change consent
cookie" (6 months)
_gat - Used by Google Analytics to limit the frequency of
requests (1 minute)
_ga - Registers an anonymized ID, in use to generate statistical data on
how the visitor uses our website (2 years)
_gid - Registers an anonymized ID, in use to generate statistical data on
how the visitor uses our website (1 day)
dDlIfjUaqkOnuFM - Used by security software to prevent attacks
and hacking to the site (1 day)
bXIYWjgKM - Used by security software to prevent attacks and
hacking to the site (1 day)
IBKkWazoUHSR - Used by security software to prevent attacks and
hacking to the site (1 day)
SFfj_h - Used by security software to prevent attacks and
hacking to the site (1 day)
Third-party multimedia and statistical content cookies
With the acceptance of only technical and functional cookei, we automatically
block the proposition of content presented via iframes taken from
Youtube and Vimeo i nsofar as they are present on external servers and managed not
completely by us. Should the user therefore wish to view them, he or she must first
express their consent to accept all cookies (third-party
multimedia and statistics). Below are the respective policies, of which we
we recommend viewing to express your consent:

Previously set cookies
If you have disabled one or more cookies, as of that time,
we will stop using the disabled cookies to collect additional

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